A Dog with Anxiety

2 min readApr 28, 2021
Photo by Ash Goldsbrough on Unsplash

The first day that I had ever met my new dog Minnie was when my older sister brought her home from the humane society. Of course, her plan was to keep her for herself since she lived alone. But then her dad (who is not my dad) decided to buy her a dog since he didn’t know she already had one. This new dog’s name was Legacy. She’s very small and is about the size of a small mini purse.

We had only gotten to see Mini and Legacy a couple of times while my sister owned them but she loved them both very much. This arrangement had lasted for a while, maybe a year, before she had to go to North Carolina for college. That’s a 7-hour drive from where we live; not to mention that the apartment that she had didn’t allow dogs.

So what was the solution? For them to live with us of course. I was very excited about this by the way. They were the first pets I had ever gotten and I got 2 of them. And since the first night they stayed with us I had fallen in love. Legacy loved sleeping under my chin whenever I lay on my back. And she could easily fit there since she was such a tiny puppy. And Minnie, well she loved sleeping on my bed with me, sometimes she would even let me cuddle with her.

And the best part was that they would always come up and lick the tears off my face whenever I cried. They were the sweetest and it always made me happy when they would lay by my side. And I only grew to appreciate them more when I started to develop anxiety.

I was constantly nervous and felt unsafe but they were always there for me. And this brought me to my problem. You see, Minnie never liked staying in the cage. It got to the point that one day while the family had gone out to eat she had broken her cage. How did we know? Because when we got home the cage door was completely broken off.

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