The Problem with Supergirl

4 min readMay 8, 2021

I watched a bit of Supergirl for a while but I eventually stopped and here’s why.

This show was supposed to help set an example for women empowerment. A female superhero who also has a day job but never gives up. She is the paragon of hope for god’s sake.

So why is it that she’s being pushed into toxic relationships with toxic people. The CW has been apparent in their fascination with abhorrently toxic relationships with some of the relationships seen in Riverdale.

And yet they still bring a new meaning to the word toxic every time. You guys ended a relationship with a sucky guy buy shipping him off to space knowing that he wasn’t good for her. And then have the gal to bring another toxic male into the equation.

You can see why people are upset with the writers of supergirl and their choice of relationships.


And then we have what they did to Maggie and Alex.

Like are you serious?! You broke the couple up because one wanted a child and the other didn’t? For the longest time you took out the best queer relationship and lgbtq+ relationship you had in the show.

And you have the nerve to be annoyed about us being upset with the new relationship Alex is in. As a matter of fact while I’m at it I’m going to go ahead and say that I want either Maggie or Sam. Nobody else. At least with Sam she got to have the child that she wanted.

So why is it that the people that are best suited for Alex are skipped over? It’s almost like you don’t want to show any good queer representation. Now of course we appreciate Nia btw so don’t get it twisted but it doesn’t excuse stuff you’ve been doing since the show started.


And now we have the worst of all. The queerbating. You can’t even lie to us and say that you don’t know it’s happening because fans of the show have repeatedly pointed it out over and over again, and yet you still continue to do it. It’s like there is no respect for gay relationships on this show at all.

You use your LGBTQ+ fans for more views and then when you have them expecting something you lead them along into the next trap hoping and praying that they get the representation that they deserve.

What the writers do with Lena and Kara is absolutely disgusting. If you’re going to put them into a relationship please do it. Otherwise stop queerbating your fans.

Most of us love the actors but hate the writers. The actors don’t deserve hate for doing their job but the writers have a choice. They continuously add ambiguous moments into important promotional trailers but when we actually watch the show there has been no new progress in their relationship.

And not to be petty but yes I’m going to get petty. You’re obvious queerbating is probably why you’re getting cancelled. It’s not the actors faults but the writers. You’ve lost so many fans and watchers because we got sick of your queerbating.

No matter how desperate we are for proper representation we’re not going to keep getting our feelings hurt over writers who obviously don’t care for us.

Now that the show is finally ending I can say that I know for a fact that in the end Supercorp is a no go. If you want the best and most proper ending then you need new show writers it’s as simple as that.

I know that writing shows is not something that’s simple but doing the right thing is. And laughing it off in your fans faces is not the way to go. You lost many supporters due to your insensitivity and that cost you.

At the end of the day these are what I find as the worst parts of the show. The plot itself is good but the way that the writers act it’s as if they don’t care about their supporters at all.

As long as you don’t go into watching the show expecting and hoping for Supercorp then I suppose that it’s a great show but for many LGBTQ+ members it just leaves us broken hearted and annoyed.


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